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What three big events we did!

---the 15th Sir Roger Manwood’s English Summer School

---the 6th International Culture and Education Arts Festival

---the 1st Prominent School League’s Education Forum for Countries along the Belt and Road  

The following is some interesting sidelights.


-- Safety Warning

Just before the ceremony of the 6th international culture and education arts festival I stepped onto the stage of the Boya hall of our school to announce a few tips of safety. That is when emergency happens leave the hall calmly. The exits are clearly marked and there are two at the back, two on each of your side, and another two on the stage. Emergency means an unexpected and dangerous situation that must be dealt with immediately, including fire, power off, flood or earthquake.

---To Remind The Driver To…

So many big buses were booked to transfer the foreign friends from the hotel to the school or some other places. So the evening before the drivers began their work my volunteers would remind them not to drink and to clean the bus and fill her up and sleep a little earlier to keep their energy. And another vice- driver had to go with the bus just in case. Before starting the engine, the vehicle licenses would be double checked. During the journey the volunteer would watch the road situation and talk a little bit to the driver so that he would not feel sleepy.

---To Guard The Hotel

Limited lines were clearly seen and more guards were hired to make sure there would be no danger all day long. More importantly some night guards would be on duty the whole night.

---To Wear The Name Tags

Like other international conference each of the guests wore the name tags with their basic information. Our creation is thatthe weather broadcast and the hotel information were also on the back of the card.


---To Have Lost Voices  

I will show my respect to the team from New Zealand in this part!!!

Altogether three rehearsals were done in order to perform a wonderful performance. Look, how careful the team were! What great efforts they made! How concentrated they were! How hard they beat their legs and how wide they kept their eyes open!!!

They respect everyone in the hall. They do not think a rehearsal is a rehearsal so they SHOUT each time at the rehearsal until they totally lost their voices at last.

---To Keep Her Voice Sweet

Sasa is the hostess at the grand ceremony from our international communication centre. She devoted herself into the job though this is quite new for her. She knows how to use and save and keep her voice before the ceremony. She did a good example for us all and her baby daughter.

---To Have A Choked Voice

Me, a poor big boy could not control myself at the final treat when I acted as the simultaneous interpreter for our dear general director Mr. Wang. I cried before my colleagues. Sorry for that...

Me, a lucky guy spent my 55th birthday during the festival. My workmates had that patience to wait for me until 10:30pm when I finished my meeting. Together they sang, with no lights on in the room, HAPPY BIRTHDAY in English. My quick response was that I followed them, but not in English, but in Chinese

I am still feeling young inside although you can easily find the grey hair of mine from outside, That is why I said to Edward: “No, no, no, I am not one year older. I am just one day older” when he met the next day at the school canteen. He asked me if I felt one year older.Both of us laughed. Laughed for fun, for understanding and for nothing.

---To Share The Same Voice

This is to describe all the audience sitting on the stand at the sports ground sang our national anthem when our football team was playing the England team. Our team did a good job when playing and we won, 6-5. The result was beyond my imagination and I said proudly that WE got the Copper World Cup, not Belgium.

---Three Voices But One Tone

At the Belt and Road Forum, cultural diversity could be shownto us and varieties of languages were enjoyed. Listen, Russian, Chinese and English (another group is:Korean, Chinese and English) were used at the forum but to express the same tone---to carry on the duty and create the talents.

---Clear Or Not

This happened when I asked the school principal of the Mount Clear College, Australian, to tell me to choose a representative to stand for his school to go onto the stage at the festival ceremony. He wrote down his school name above, but his handwriting was not that good. I could not recognized the word “clear”. So I made fun of him---this time clear is not clear.  

---A Big Fall

Nobody could have thought that Nadezhda Borovchenko, the school principal from a Russian School, had a big fall after she finished her speech and presented a gift to our Vice Principal Wang. Probably she was too excited (nobody present could understand her beautiful Russian) or she braked suddenly before she found her seat. Remember she was wearing her high-heeled shoes. The school uniforms I bought for her just to comfort her made her quite delighted and she promised she would try them on and then put them in her school exhibition room.

---Brother School???

I did not quite understand Mr. Laurence Henri Caltaux when he mentioned that he had 5 brother schools abroad. It should be sister schools not brother ones, I thought. But I was silly because their is a boy day school.

That is why only two of his four children can go to his St. Paul, New Nealand for two of them are girls.

---No fish Tank In The School Campus

I showed the 15 foreign school principals around our new school campus in the sun. I introduced our founder of education, Confucious(You will be confused if you do not know much about him), the magpie nest hanging above us(The lucky bird can bring us good luck), the war tanks from Zhenbao Island( My description of the two tanks made the team puzzled. Because I talked about the tanks before we saw them. I guessed that the tanks in their mind could be the fish tanks.)

---The Perfume Attracts The Flies!

Sorry there were flies in the Belt & Road Forum room so someone suggested that perfume be got and sprayed. Miss Du volunteered to bring a bottle and did it. BUT it was so nice and sweet that it attracted so many flies. They flies love it!!!

All Is Gone And Thank You All For All.